5 days ago

September foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

Allianz discussing onshore expansion; Goldman Sachs reduces China workforce; Bank CEOs testify before US Congress…

5 days ago

PBoC to expand digital yuan pilot

This provincial-level expansion will likely become the roadmap for the e-CNY’s national launch – the PBoC runs e-CNY pilots in important regional cities first and then…

5 days ago

CSRC approves launch three ETF options contracts

Financial regulators need to provide more derivative products to attract long-term, institutional money to China’s capital markets as sophisticated investors demand diversified risk management tools for their portfolios…

6 days ago

These measures represent another step in building a regulatory framework to manage FHCs, reducing financial risks associated with them, and bringing them under closer oversight following…

6 days ago

CSRC issues revisions to Futures Exchange Administrative Measures

China’s financial system has grown at unprecedented scale and speed over the past decade and regulation and oversight have often failed to keep pace. Beijing wants…

6 days ago

He Chunlei to take over as chairman of China Re

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6 days ago

HKMA CEO hints at expansion of GBA Wealth Management Connect

The Greater Bay Area WMC has generated significant interest in its first year of operation with 35,600 investors having taken part and a total of RMB 1.45 billion worth of transactions. Yue’s comments suggest…

1 week ago

Hengqin lures listcos with cash incentives

Along with measures announced in July to attract the semiconductor industry to the zone, these measures seek to…

1 week ago

CBIRC issues Q2 review of insurance industry solvency

In addition to bringing China’s insurance industry into line with global standards on solvency and risk prevention, C-ROSS II aims to…

1 week ago

Zhang Qingsong appointed PBoC deputy governor following departure of Chen Yulu

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1 week ago

Qianhai and Hong Kong roll out measures to attract venture capital

The new measures look to widen the channels for cross-border capital flows between the mainland and Hong Kong in a bid to create a more robust venture capital ecosystem. They aim to…

1 week ago

Big banks lower personal deposit rates after LPR cut in win for PBoC’s new monetary policy approach

The cuts signal that deposit rates are reacting to policy rate changes – and that the PBoC’s new approach is working. The real question is…

1 week ago

PBoC details past-year achievements, lays out longer-term goals

The central bank has done a fine job reining in financial sector risk over the past five years. But…

1 week ago

CSRC vice chair calls for increased financial opening

China’s financial markets have opened further this year. But that opening is increasingly one-sided…

2 weeks ago

Exchanges expand onshore derivatives access for foreign investors

This is yet another substantive measure in China’s cautious financial opening…

12 Sep 2022

CBIRC releases rules to improve internal controls at wealth management companies

Since 2017, financial derisking has been one of Beijing’s primary goals. Since then, regulatory efforts have focused on defusing extant risks – for WMCs that’s meant…

01 Sep 2022

NDRC raises approval requirements for offshore debt issuance

This move is part of a broader aim by Beijing to exercise tighter control over what types of companies can raise cash – and for what purposes…

01 Sep 2022

PBoC adds foreign banks to its core green finance program

Beijing knows that financing China’s green and low-carbon transition will not be easy, which is why it has been working on increasing foreign participation in green finance. However, this move isn’t just about expanding CERF…

24 Aug 2022

PBoC cuts both one- and five-year Loan Prime Rates

The PBOC is playing things cautious…

23 Aug 2022

Hengqin rolls out subsidies to attract semiconductor industry

As ties with the United States and Taiwan grow ever more brittle and as Washington puts pressure on other major chip producers to join its Chip 4 Alliance, China’s need to boost the development of its homegrown semiconductor industry grows increasingly urgent…

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