7 days ago

The State Council looks to pave way for sustainable health insurance

Ensuring the sustainability of the public health insurance fund, which is already financially strained, is key to providing better coverage for the average citizen. However, implementing the outlined measures pose significant challenges, particularly in terms of regulatory complexities and funding constraints…

7 days ago

The central bank to borrow Chinese government bonds

While the PBoC did not specify its plans for the bonds, we anticipate they will be sold during OMOs. This move aligns with the central bank’s repeated signaling of its intention to overhaul monetary policy to focus more on market rates, marking the initial step in that strategic shift…

7 days ago

Cheng Zhong named CIC deputy head; Zhang Yi appointed CCB chief

There were two notable personnel developments in June. First, on June 3, China’s sovereign wealth fund, China Investment Corporation Ltd. (CIC) appointed Chen Zhong as vice president and chief financial officer. Chen, 51, replaced Liu Haoling, who was promoted to CIC president in February…

7 days ago

June foreign financial institution approvals and developments

On June 24, Japan-based Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd. announced that the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has begun processing its application to set up a wholly-owned securities company…

7 days ago

AllianzGI buys stake in state-owned Guomin Pension

Building a robust private retirement savings ecosystem is key to bolstering financial support for China’s aging population and unlocking consumption potential. Equally significant is its role in steering savings away from real estate and towards capital markets, thereby funneling trillions of RMB into supporting Beijing’s technological ambitions…

7 days ago

State-owned asset manager BSAM to take over majority stake in Credit Suisse’s China JV

UBS’s choice of BSAM, despite Citadel’s higher offer, suggests strategic motives behind the transaction. Sources indicate that UBS intends to acquire full ownership of UBS Securities – the firm’s other China JV in which BSAM holds a 33% stake – by offering the Credit Suisse unit in exchange…

22 Jun 2024

Mainland exchanges resume IPO reviews

With recent stabilization in the stock markets, China’s regulators are now comfortable resuming normal IPO activities. The timing of the restart is likely linked to…

22 Jun 2024

China’s central bank pushes to bolster foreign investment in bonds

This move to strengthen the RMB’s global standing aligns with…

21 Jun 2024

The PBoC signals potential monetary tightening

The PBoC is worried that overly loose liquidity conditions have driven yields on government bonds too low. Tightening will likely involve…

20 Jun 2024

Pan Gongsheng seeks to reshape the central bank’s monetary policy

These actions indicate a clear shift in China’s monetary policy strategy, focusing on…

20 Jun 2024

Beijing backs venture capital to boost technology innovation

Q1 2024 marked one of the bleakest periods for China’s venture investments, with total venture capital and private equity investment dropping…

20 Jun 2024

China’s securities regulator elevates the STAR Market

The eight measures are part of the CSRC’s broader plan to revitalize China’s capital markets by…

17 Jun 2024

Influential government official sketches out economic reforms

These reforms underscore a well-established shift away from…

07 Jun 2024

China’s securities regulator solicits opinions on administrative penalties

Over the past year, regulators have imposed increasingly stringent penalties on businesses and traders, aligning with Beijing’s efforts to enhance discipline…

07 Jun 2024

China’s financial regulator pushes for more basic insurance coverage for the underprivileged

While the public will applaud this initiative for filling critical gaps in the current insurance landscape, businesses will be adversely impacted. Operating costs for businesses…

05 Jun 2024

Beijing orders localities to speed up STB project planning

Beijing’s urgency in issuing STBs reflect its concerns over the country’s sharp decline in credit growth in May for the second consecutive month. Given that…

04 Jun 2024

The Third Plenum aims to strengthen both the state sector and market reforms

All the topics discussed at these sessions will likely feature in the Third Plenum reform plan, especially given…

01 Jun 2024

May foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

Blackstone ; Mastercard ; Generali China Insurance

28 May 2024

The Party to take a more hands-on role dealing with financial sector risk

The risks posed by local government debt and property sector distress are…

25 May 2024

CSRC encourages foreign funds to invest in Chinese stocks

Fang’s pitch is that investors can benefit from the economic transformation China is undergoing. Left unsaid it that China’s economic transformation requires…

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