2 weeks ago

China’s securities regulator solicits opinions on administrative penalties

On June 7, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) released…

2 weeks ago

China’s financial regulator pushes for more basic insurance coverage for the underprivileged

While the public will applaud this initiative for filling critical gaps in the current insurance landscape, businesses will be adversely impacted. Operating costs for businesses…

04 Jun 2024

The Third Plenum aims to strengthen both the state sector and market reforms

All the topics discussed at these sessions will likely feature in the Third Plenum reform plan, especially given…

01 Jun 2024

May foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

Blackstone ; Mastercard ; Generali China Insurance

01 Jun 2024

Beijing orders localities to speed up STB project planning

Beijing’s urgency in issuing STBs reflect its concerns over the country’s sharp decline in…

28 May 2024

The Party to take a more hands-on role dealing with financial sector risk

The risks posed by local government debt and property sector distress are…

25 May 2024

CSRC encourages foreign funds to invest in Chinese stocks

Fang’s pitch is that investors can benefit from the economic transformation China is undergoing. Left unsaid it that China’s economic transformation requires…

24 May 2024

China’s top state-owned banks undergoing leadership reshuffle

Liu Jun, age 52, was appointed deputy Party secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (ICBC); Zhang Yi, 53, was appointed to the Party committee of the China Construction Bank Ltd. (CCB).

18 May 2024

MoF starts issuing ultra-long special treasury bonds

Issuance of the first batch of STBs was originally expected in June or July. The timeframe was likely moved…

17 May 2024

CSRC issues new regulations on quant trading to boost stock market

China’s securities regulators will continue to prioritize measures aimed at…

16 May 2024

CSRC rolls out measures to put small investors at heart of capital market reforms

Last year, regulators tried to boost A-share valuations with a range of administrative measures that reduced transaction costs and curbed share sales. This year it switched strategy, and is now playing a longer game…

16 May 2024

Weak insurers skip early bond redemption as solvency ratios worsen

The most recent property support measures could prop up the balance sheets of some weak insurers, thus…

11 May 2024

PBoC argues economy no longer requires as much credit to maintain growth

This year, the PBoC has repeatedly said that it’s no longer possible to draw clear conclusions about the economy from the monthly credit data. However…

08 May 2024

State-owned asset manager BSAM bids against Citadel for Credit Suisse’ China JV

The sale of Credit Suisse Securities presents a trial for Chinese regulators in finding the right balance between market forces and political priorities. Both potential transactions…

02 May 2024

Wu Bo steps down as CICC president, and Zhang Shouchuan is promoted to vice president of BOC

Wu Bo, 47, stepped down as president of China International Capital Corp. Ltd. (CICC), China’s leading investment bank; Zhang Shouchuan is set to become a vice president of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (ICBC).

01 May 2024

Politburo sets date for long-delayed Third Plenum

The signals from the Politburo meeting read-out align with our expectations that this Third Plenum will unveil a round of sweeping economic reforms, similar to…

01 May 2024

April Politburo meeting pushes more effective use of current economic support measures

The list of challenges the economy faces hasn’t gotten any shorter, but officials want to give their current policy prescription more time to work before considering course corrections. Fiscal policy remains the focus…

01 May 2024

April foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

Neuberger Berman; Schroders; BNP Paribas; AllianzGI; Principal

27 Apr 2024

Financial regulator wants green insurance to help manage risks of green transition

The green and low-carbon transition that China is trying to pursue is not without risk. Having tailored insurance products could…

23 Apr 2024

Li Qiang holds study session on capital market reform

Authorities are playing the long game. As much as they hope reform will boost the stock market in the short-term, their overriding goal is…

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