13 Apr 2024

Minsheng Trust signals worsening distress

Traditionally a pillar of the shadow banking industry, China’s trusts are major lenders to…

12 Apr 2024

Regulators issue guidance on boosting financial support for green, low-carbon development

Beijing increasingly views green and low-carbon economic development not simply as a matter of environmental governance, but as the source of…

08 Apr 2024

State-backed brokerages to impose hard limit on executives’ pay at RMB 3 million

Reduced profitability amid wider macroeconomic weakness – and the reduced number of IPOs and other capital market services – have directly contributed to brokerages’ pay reduction policies. However, the core of the matter is the fact that policymakers are…

08 Apr 2024

PBoC launches RMB 500 billion relending facility for small tech companies

The PBoC is concerned that large-scale monetary stimulus will exacerbate currency depreciation and capital flight while further eroding bank profitability. By channeling monetary support through the relending facility, officials can…

05 Apr 2024

PBoC, NFRA eases car loan policies to boost auto consumption

Beijing’s efforts to revive consumption are falling short, due in part to weak domestic demand for big-ticket items – including automobiles. Apart from the State Council’s recent consumer trade-in push, however…

31 Mar 2024

March foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

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21 Mar 2024

PBoC signals it is comfortable with slower credit growth

The PBoC has repeatedly said it wants to “revitalize credit efficiency” this year, and given Xuan’s comments, it’s increasingly clear that…

20 Mar 2024

Central bank calls for improving transaction environment for credit cards

The central government’s top-down efforts might help push major public institutions…

19 Mar 2024

PBoC reshuffles monetary policy committee, replacing two academic members

The MPC’s academic advisors speak more freely than other committee members…

19 Mar 2024

CITIC Group, China Construction Bank, and Huaxia Bank to have leadership turnover

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19 Mar 2024

NFRA establishes risk level supervision scheme for life insurers

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18 Mar 2024

CSRC issues four documents to improve stock market corporate governance, boost trust

The Chinese public has long felt the domestic stock markets are stacked against them, and rigged in favor of insiders. These measures are a step toward dismantling those perceptions…

18 Mar 2024

PBoC drains liquidity to counter bond price inflation

The PBoC has repeatedly flagged its intention to relax monetary conditions this year to reduce bank funding costs and boost consumer prices – but as it does so, it wants to avoid inflating bond prices…

15 Mar 2024

Government promises more stable and predictable policymaking in government work report

If executed correctly, the expanded review mechanism will improve the business environment and…

15 Mar 2024

TSF grew 9.0% in February, one of the slowest monthly expansions on record

Achieving 5% growth this year will be difficult without robust credit demand. But things might not be as bad as they seem…

14 Mar 2024

NFRA pursues auto industry support to boost consumption

The “new quality productive forces” campaign, codified in top Two Sessions policy guidance, will drive…

13 Mar 2024

Mainland retail funds flood into Hong Kong after Wealth Connect reforms

These are precisely the right measures to jumpstart the GBA WMC. A primary issue with the WMC is…

09 Mar 2024

Sichuan Trust investors finally compensated, as authorities push for bankruptcy reorganization

Nearly four years after a major default, Sichuan Trust is finally close to being restructured…

07 Mar 2024

CSRC calls for more corporate dividends

The new head of China’s securities regulator (CSRC) wants A-share companies to increase dividend payouts…

06 Mar 2024

PBoC Governor Pan signals more RRR cuts likely this year

Calls are mounting for more aggressive interest rate cuts to support the economy – but the PBoC has been reluctant…

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