01 Nov 2019

CBIRC releases draft of measures for addressing consumer complaints

Once again, the CBIRC is prioritizing oversight and compliance in the financial industry in a bid to combat malfeasance, protect consumer rights, and support both financial and social stability. Regulators will look to deepen this push by …

01 Nov 2019

CBIRC releases draft measures for reporting illegal activities

As Chinese regulators continue their campaign to de-risk the financial system, defining the rights and responsibilities of whistleblowers will serve to fill a gap in the existing oversight system and …

01 Nov 2019

Alipay, WeChat Pay to allow foreign bank card linkage

Previously, Ant Financial and Tencent, the respective parent companies of Alipay and WeChat Pay, had focused their attention on working with local partners to foster the use of their platforms by Chinese nationals abroad. The decision to allow foreign cards to …

30 Oct 2019

UBS becomes first foreign bank to underwrite STAR Market IP

The move is part of UBS’s new China growth strategy.

30 Oct 2019

UBS pursues China growth strategy

The past month has seen a couple of concrete market moves by the Swiss lender aimed at…

29 Oct 2019

PBoC, SAMR introduce fintech certification system

Foreign firms eager to enter China’s fintech market must be aware of these granular regulations.

29 Oct 2019

China explores fintech regulatory system

The growth of fintech warrants a clear and robust regulatory framework.

29 Oct 2019

Top officials continue to push financial opening rhetoric

The consistency with which high-level Chinese officials are speaking about financial opening demonstrates the how earnest the government is about reforms.

28 Oct 2019

Ergo forms JV with Great Wall Motors

The move represents Ergo’s efforts to establish itself in China.

28 Oct 2019

Chinese banks continue on capital raising spree

Capital needs are still high throughout the financial system, while small and large institutions facing different challenges.

28 Oct 2019

Top leaders consistently reiterate opening message

China’s leadership is waking up to the fact that MNCs have suffered from years of “promise fatigue,” and that frustration with China’s business environment risks have begun to boil over.

27 Oct 2019

State Council to improve FX management

The measures seek to gradually ease constraints on cross-border payments.

27 Oct 2019

SAFE to encourage more foreign participation in capital markets

The plans announced by SAFE demonstrate that financial opening is proceeding.

25 Oct 2019

Financial regulators issue notice to clarify two types of investment funds

Regulators are increasingly looking to better supervise the asset management industry.

25 Oct 2019

Xi Jinping calls for blockchain development

Xi’s speech made clear that despite previous reservations the Chinese state will seek to invest in blockchain technology and harness it in service of state interests.

23 Oct 2019

GBA pilots new driving license scheme

In its current form, the GBA licensing scheme is very limited in scope, essentially allowing only for transit from Hong Kong or Macau to the mainland by way of the other territory…

22 Oct 2019

High-ranking personnel reshuffle among stateowned financial institutions

Chen Xiaozhou will take over as head of China Construction Bank University. This is effectively a demotion, and signals that…

21 Oct 2019

CSRC looks to relax rules on equity investments for insurers

The measures are aimed to ensure sufficient liquidity in the equity market by galvanizing medium and long-term investors.

20 Oct 2019

Allianz wins new Shanghai license

The shift from granting merely market access to issuing full business licenses shows that market opening is genuinely happening.

19 Oct 2019

Top leaders consistently reiterate opening message

Leaders are keen to assuage the fears and anxiety of multinational corporations weary of breaches of trust.

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