25 Oct 2019

Financial regulators issue notice to clarify two types of investment funds

Regulators are increasingly looking to better supervise the asset management industry.

25 Oct 2019

Xi Jinping calls for blockchain development

Xi’s speech made clear that despite previous reservations the Chinese state will seek to invest in blockchain technology and harness it in service of state interests.

23 Oct 2019

GBA pilots new driving license scheme

In its current form, the GBA licensing scheme is very limited in scope, essentially allowing only for transit from Hong Kong or Macau to the mainland by way of the other territory…

22 Oct 2019

High-ranking personnel reshuffle among stateowned financial institutions

Chen Xiaozhou will take over as head of China Construction Bank University. This is effectively a demotion, and signals that…

21 Oct 2019

CSRC looks to relax rules on equity investments for insurers

The measures are aimed to ensure sufficient liquidity in the equity market by galvanizing medium and long-term investors.

20 Oct 2019

Allianz wins new Shanghai license

The shift from granting merely market access to issuing full business licenses shows that market opening is genuinely happening.

19 Oct 2019

Top leaders consistently reiterate opening message

Leaders are keen to assuage the fears and anxiety of multinational corporations weary of breaches of trust.

19 Oct 2019

Qianhai tipped for cross-border insurance innovation center

The move marks a step towards greater integration of the insurance industries in Hong Kong and Guangdong. However, the limited scope of insurance products available to participate…

18 Oct 2019

CBIRC to further standardize structured deposit services

The issuance of structured deposits has recently become a popular method for small banks in China to obtain wholesale financing. Given the rapid issuance of such products, however, regulators have felt the need to…

17 Oct 2019

Li Wenhong takes helm of Shenzhen CBIRC

After spending eight years at the PBoC, Li served successively as the CBRC’s deputy director and then director of policy research…

15 Oct 2019

Singapore banks gain access to China interbank bond market

Government engagement and cooperation will prove key for businesses looking to seize opportunities in the China market.

15 Oct 2019

Citi, like many other firms, is attempting to readjust its strategy as financial opening proceeds.

15 Oct 2019

PBoC, SAFE clarify bond swap rules

The move should increase access to the bond market and encourage more professional investors to engage with the market.

15 Oct 2019

State Council relaxes regulations for foreign banks and insurers

The amended regulations put forth by the State Council open China’s financial markets to drastically increased levels of foreign participation.

15 Oct 2019

New RRR cuts for rural commercial banks

As we said in previous monitors, the RRR cut does not represent a marked increase in the scale or pace of policy easing. Rather, it is in line with previous moves to support…

15 Oct 2019

PBoC, SAFE clarify bond swap rules

This move should work to increase the scope of activity that investors can take part in by simplifying their access to the bond market.

15 Oct 2019

State Council relaxes regulations for foreign banks and insurers

The revision of these regulations paves the way for the CBIRC to finalize the implementing rules for these changes in the near future.

15 Oct 2019

Shanghai executives of Ping An Bank targeted in graft probe

The Party’s internal disciplinary organization identified the financial sector as a particular focus of its anti-corruption work in 2019.

14 Oct 2019

Société Générale plans to set up a wholly-owned securities subsidiary

Global banks will need to adjust their strategies to keep pace with an increasingly accessible China.

14 Oct 2019

Ministry of Justice solicits comments on Implementing Rules of new Foreign Investment Law

The comment period represents an opportunity for firms and chambers of commerce to provide feedback, and Beijing is likely to listen.

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