26 Aug 2019

Hong Kong protests persist

The protest has not hindered the integration of GBA and may even push it further.

23 Aug 2019

PBoC establishes GBA promotion group

The group aims at coordinating regulators in the fast-developing Greater Bay Area

23 Aug 2019

Global stock and bond indices up inclusion factors for Chinese securities

While these moves themselves will have relatively little immediate impact on Chinese capital markets, the overall trend of Chinese inclusion in global indices will help to better integrate China into international capital markets – and drive …

22 Aug 2019

PBoC unveils three-year fintech plan

Financial regulators increasingly see the development of fintech as a critical element of their efforts to improve the financial system. As such, they are putting significant support behind the …

19 Aug 2019

Goldman Sachs applies for majority stake in China JV

Goldman trying to increase its current 33% stake to a majority of 51%

18 Aug 2019

Reforms aim to make Shenzhen into “model city”

Shenzhen will be given more autonomy in policy making as China tries to rely less on Hong Kong

17 Aug 2019

PBoC rolls out new LPR mechanism

Unlike the current “dual track” interest rate system, the new LPR will be based on the prime interest rates of 18 banks.

15 Aug 2019

China prepares to launch official digital currency

Authorities’ main purpose in developing a digital currency is to improve insight into transactions throughout the economy, as well as increasing overall control of the money supply. The digital currency should also reduce transaction costs as well as …

15 Aug 2019

CBA looks to standardize WMP valuations

The new rules should help to add a measure of transparency and stability to the WMP market. As an increasing number of commercial banks look to …

13 Aug 2019

Shanghai offers new incentives to foreign companies

Shanghai lowers assets threshold and removes requirements of paid-in capital as well as previous domestic investment to encourage foreign companies to headquarter in Shanghai

10 Aug 2019

SAFE officials says Libra should be treated as a foreign currency

SAFE chief accountant indicated impacts Libra might have on China’s foreign exchange management and suggested policy solutions

09 Aug 2019

Insurance Association of China holds symposium on health and life insurance products

12 Chinese-funded companies and 22 foreign-funded companies took part in the symposia.

08 Aug 2019

Guangdong opens investment in elderly-care

The open of elderly-care market of Guangdong may be a test for further open the market of mainland

06 Aug 2019

JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley claim majority stakes in JVs

JPMorgan won the bid with RMB 241.3 million to claim 2% share from its JV partner, making JPMorgan the first foreign company to have majority control of a mutual fund in China.

04 Aug 2019

Ping An in talks to buy Huaxia Life

Ping An is trying to expand its market in China by buying part of Huaxin life

04 Aug 2019

Health premiums see rapid growth in China

Health insurance premiums had grown by a third as Chinese people worry more about healthcare expenses recently

03 Aug 2019

Financial regulators to release assessment rules for SIFIs

The new rules continue to improve the previous regulations for Systemically Important Financial Institutions

03 Aug 2019

July Politburo meeting signals no policy loosening

H2 may see a slight increase in liquidity support but financial support will remain at its current level

02 Aug 2019

Nomura to open new China JV brokerage by the end of the year

Nomura will be the second foreign company to have majority control in brokerage.

02 Aug 2019

PBOC sets priorities for H2

The PBoC teleconference indicated that financial sector opening will continue, so as the de-risking and support to SMEs

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