12 Sep 2022

CBIRC releases rules to improve internal controls at wealth management companies

Since 2017, financial derisking has been one of Beijing’s primary goals. Since then, regulatory efforts have focused on defusing extant risks – for WMCs that’s meant…

01 Sep 2022

NDRC raises approval requirements for offshore debt issuance

This move is part of a broader aim by Beijing to exercise tighter control over what types of companies can raise cash – and for what purposes…

01 Sep 2022

PBoC adds foreign banks to its core green finance program

Beijing knows that financing China’s green and low-carbon transition will not be easy, which is why it has been working on increasing foreign participation in green finance. However, this move isn’t just about expanding CERF…

24 Aug 2022

PBoC cuts both one- and five-year Loan Prime Rates

The PBOC is playing things cautious…

23 Aug 2022

Hengqin rolls out subsidies to attract semiconductor industry

As ties with the United States and Taiwan grow ever more brittle and as Washington puts pressure on other major chip producers to join its Chip 4 Alliance, China’s need to boost the development of its homegrown semiconductor industry grows increasingly urgent…

23 Aug 2022

Insurers prepare for return of mainland consumers to Hong Kong

While the reduction of quarantine requirements to enter Hong Kong from the mainland may indeed restore some of the curtailed mainland insurance purchases, volumes are unlikely to recover to pre-COVID levels without additional health policy loosening or the deployment of the long-anticipated insurance connect…

22 Aug 2022

Ministry of Finance takes direct stake in Guangfa Bank

At this stage, it’s unclear why Yingda transferred part of its stake to the MoF…

22 Aug 2022

PBoC, CBIRC allow insurers to issue perpetual bonds

With the entry into effect of Phase II of the China Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS) in January, insurers have been forced to shore up their balance sheets as new solvency requirements eat into their core capital…

19 Aug 2022

Rules aimed at overhauling domestic credit ratings system go into effect

These regulations are part of a long march to clean up problems in the bond market, implement the government’s commitment to ending the implicit guarantee that defaulting corporations will get a bailout, and develop markets where risks are correctly priced and investors bear the cost of defaults…

18 Aug 2022

CSRC, HKSFC agree to expand Stock Connect trading days

This tweak is meant to both further integrate mainland and Hong Kong markets and induce more foreign capital to invest in Chinese stocks…

15 Aug 2022

PBoC cuts MLF rate for first time since January

There’s no shortage of liquidity – M2 money supply growth in July was faster than expected, and the PBoC has been draining cash from the interbank market, where rates are rock bottom…

12 Aug 2022

CBIRC scraps foreign ownership caps on insurance asset management companies

The elimination of foreign ownership caps on insurance asset management companies is a welcome development for overseas insurers with operations in China and is consistent with Beijing’s repeated pledges to open its financial sector to greater foreign participation…

11 Aug 2022

China Green Bond Principles released, aligning with international standards

The release of the CGTBP is the latest step taken by Chinese regulators to align the Chinese domestic bond market with internationally recognized standards to expand the participation of international investors who are becoming increasingly wary of greenwashing by bond issuers…

09 Aug 2022

First Stock Connect-linked A shares derivative warrants begin trading in Hong Kong

This is another incremental action to both further integrate Hong Kong and mainland markets and increase the attractiveness of A shares for institutional investors…

09 Aug 2022

CSRC chair pens essay on “building a capital market with Chinese characteristics”

Achieving strategic national policy goals like tech self-reliance and decarbonizing the economy will depend heavily on the ability of promising homegrown companies to access capital through these markets…

08 Aug 2022

CBIRC, PBoC release details of national pension savings pilot

This is the first indication of what the high-level plans issued by the State Council in April will look like in practice…

06 Aug 2022

CBIRC holds mid-year work conference

There was little new in the readout, but the focus on financial risk is noteworthy…

05 Aug 2022

PBoC holds mid-year work conference

Authorities are under pressure to lower the heat on developers and ensure that homebuyers get the properties they’ve paid for…

05 Aug 2022

July foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

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05 Aug 2022

June foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

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