24 May 2019

PBoC operationalizes deposit insurance fund of RMB 10 billion

Regulators are going to great lengths to ensure that the ripple effects from the Baoshang Bank takeover are contained. Still, the fact that the episode gave regulators an impetus to…

24 May 2019

Baoshang Bank takeover dominates June

Regulators have been at pains to convince markets that the Baoshang case is a one-off development – driven in large part by the illegal actions of its…

24 May 2019

CBIRC released draft measures to allow insurance companies to communicate with policyholders via email

The new rules will make it easier for insurance companies to communicate with their policyholders. It will also advantage firms with …

24 May 2019

Pacific Life Re appoints new Greater China head

Chan Keng Hong was announced as Pacific Life Re’s new head of Greater China operations. While based in Singapore, Chan will be responsible for …

24 May 2019

Talbot to close China and Australia offices

This move seems to be in keeping with Lloyd’s drive toward leaner operations and greater profitability. Last year, Talbot closed its …

19 May 2019

CBIRC okays insurance companies to use derivatives

The CBIRC’s decision to allow insurance companies to use derivatives is the latest sign indicating that authorities feel that they now have the sector under control and are thus willing to …

28 Apr 2019

Growing expectations of an “insurance connect” for GBA

Insurance connect, as well as the established stock and bound connects are likely to bring the two market closer and allow more foreign investment in China

12 Apr 2019

Key policymakers continue to tout financial opening

Regulators have recently demonstrated commitment to moving forward with broader opening, signalling a response to geopolitical pressures but also domestic momentum.

12 Apr 2019

Intesa Sanpaolo subsidiary obtains investment fund sales license

Established relationships in Qingdao helped Intesa Sanpaolo to get approval quickly

11 Apr 2019

Guo Shuqing and other top CBIRC officials hold meeting with insurance companies

A reminder of how close regulators are to the state-owned insurance companies.

11 Apr 2019

Prudential, Generali, Manulife, and AIA looking to enter China pension sector

Prudential and Generali are in processe of getting approval to enter China pension market

10 Apr 2019

ICBC-AXA Life asset management subsidiary to open in first half of the year

After four years of waiting, ICBC-AXA Assets Management Company is finally approved and will soon be operating.

10 Apr 2019

Beijing set to offer more channels for outbound portfolio investment

Domestic and foreign entities can now apply for QDII and RQD through their investment management institutions established in Beijing

09 Apr 2019

Shenzhen launches two new GBA stock indices

Two new indices will track performance of companies in Greater Bay Area with the purpose of increase financial integration

08 Apr 2019

NDRC encourages investment in fintech

Fintech sector may see increased policy support in the coming years

08 Apr 2019

Bank of China HK established Macau fund to invest in GBA projects

The fund will accept subscriptions in the form of MOP, HKD, USD, RMB, with the aim to bring greater financial integration

04 Apr 2019

Guangdong eases limits on cross-border car plates in integration push

More companies will be allowed to have business vehicles plates for free travel in GBA

02 Apr 2019

Canola exporters are victims of bilateral tensions

Another Canadian canola exporter received complaint from Chinese authorities as the bilateral tensions continue.

02 Apr 2019

Mainland and HK SAR adopt agreement on arbitrary assistance arrangement

The agreement will allow parties in arbitration proceedings in Hong Kong to apply to mainland courts for interim measures.

01 Apr 2019

CBIRC budget increases by 7.9%

CBIRC budget is relatively small and grows slowly

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