27 Oct 2022

Shenzhen Stock Exchange allows companies with Hong Kong primary listing to join Stock Connect

These changes will make converting primary listings to Hong Kong more attractive as inclusion into the Stock Connect offers access to mainland investors, especially…

27 Oct 2022

Hong Kong Chief Executive highlights importance of Hong Kong-mainland integration

Lee’s speech highlights a reality that has become increasingly clear in recent months, namely, that Hong Kong policymakers increasingly see integration with mainland policy goals as…

26 Oct 2022

PBoC, SAFE increase macroprudential adjustment parameter in attempt to slow RMB depreciation

With the RMB trading against the dollar at levels last seen in 2008, it seems clear that this move is about slowing the yuan’s decline – though it’s not clear whether raising the MAP will have the desired effect. With US rates so high, China’s banks may be reluctant to borrow dollars.

26 Oct 2022

PBoC, SAFE share their takeaways from Party Congress

While that last point is incredibly vague, it hints that the regulators are likely considering new measures to bolster developers through the stock and bond markets. We also suspect the authorities will look to further streamline and consolidate China’s byzantine bond market.

26 Oct 2022

CSRC stresses importance of developing capital markets in Party Congress reflections

The CSRC is going to be very busy during Xi’s third term. Beijing has major plans to steer more of the country’s savings into domestic capital markets, and, in doing this, to fund the policy-priority sectors that will help drive the next phase of China’s growth – areas such as green energy and advanced manufacturing.

25 Oct 2022

Shenzhen issues the most detailed environmental information disclosure requirements for financial institutions yet

Shenzhen’s guidelines provide an unprecedented degree of specificity that builds on the Guidelines for Financial Institutions’ Environmental Information Disclosure, signaling the implementation of China’s environmental and green finance information disclosure system after putting in place uniform standards across the financial sector last year.

24 Oct 2022

CBIRC measures to streamline administrative approvals for domestic lenders go into effect

These changes are part of the broader fangguanfu campaign – spearheaded by Premier Li Keqiang – that roughly translates to…

21 Oct 2022

Major banks and insurers release statements in support of Beijing’s policies

The financial sector is falling over itself to support government policies, particularly in light of the Party Congress. That push, plus the…

20 Oct 2022

UBS becomes first foreign firm to trade Chinese commodity futures under QFII scheme

China has the world’s biggest commodities futures markets, but their insularity means they only have limited relevance to global commodities pricing. Increasing the relevance of Chinese commodity markets is…

13 Oct 2022

Shanghai Stock Exchange names new Party secretary

Qiu’s views on financial markets appear to align closely with Beijing’s broader ambitions – including the many initiatives currently underway. Both increased regulatory supervision and…

12 Oct 2022

PBoC releases exchange rate management report

Beijing is confident in its exchange rate policy. This report signals that the tried-and-true mix of light-touch intervention and “reasonable” market fluctuations is here to stay.

05 Oct 2022

PBoC releases RMB internationalization report

Over the last couple of years, Beijing has elevated RMB internationalization as a policy goal. It’s slow going, but a regular flow of supportive reforms – as well as growing international RMB use fueled by Western sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine – will ensure further progress.

05 Oct 2022

PBoC releases derisking report

Much of the corruption, opacity, and shoddy credit evaluation that has plagued China’s financial industry for decades has indeed been substantially ameliorated in recent years. And it’s high time. As growth slows, it’ll become harder to hide financial risks.

05 Oct 2022

PBoC outlines key priorities for developing onshore bond market

Improving the bond – and equity – market’s ability to channel funding to cash-starved, innovative private firms is key to Beijing’s tech development plans. To date, there’s little progress to speak of despite the PBoC’s insistence.

27 Sep 2022

September foreign financial institution approvals and specific financial opening developments

Allianz discussing onshore expansion; Goldman Sachs reduces China workforce; Bank CEOs testify before US Congress…

27 Sep 2022

PBoC to expand digital yuan pilot

This provincial-level expansion will likely become the roadmap for the e-CNY’s national launch – the PBoC runs e-CNY pilots in important regional cities first and then…

27 Sep 2022

CSRC approves launch three ETF options contracts

Financial regulators need to provide more derivative products to attract long-term, institutional money to China’s capital markets as sophisticated investors demand diversified risk management tools for their portfolios…

26 Sep 2022

These measures represent another step in building a regulatory framework to manage FHCs, reducing financial risks associated with them, and bringing them under closer oversight following…

26 Sep 2022

CSRC issues revisions to Futures Exchange Administrative Measures

China’s financial system has grown at unprecedented scale and speed over the past decade and regulation and oversight have often failed to keep pace. Beijing wants…

26 Sep 2022

He Chunlei to take over as chairman of China Re

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