08 Aug 2019

Guangdong opens investment in elderly-care

The open of elderly-care market of Guangdong may be a test for further open the market of mainland

06 Aug 2019

JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley claim majority stakes in JVs

JPMorgan won the bid with RMB 241.3 million to claim 2% share from its JV partner, making JPMorgan the first foreign company to have majority control of a mutual fund in China.

04 Aug 2019

Ping An in talks to buy Huaxia Life

Ping An is trying to expand its market in China by buying part of Huaxin life

04 Aug 2019

Health premiums see rapid growth in China

Health insurance premiums had grown by a third as Chinese people worry more about healthcare expenses recently

03 Aug 2019

Financial regulators to release assessment rules for SIFIs

The new rules continue to improve the previous regulations for Systemically Important Financial Institutions

03 Aug 2019

July Politburo meeting signals no policy loosening

H2 may see a slight increase in liquidity support but financial support will remain at its current level

02 Aug 2019

Nomura to open new China JV brokerage by the end of the year

Nomura will be the second foreign company to have majority control in brokerage.

02 Aug 2019

PBOC sets priorities for H2

The PBoC teleconference indicated that financial sector opening will continue, so as the de-risking and support to SMEs

31 Jul 2019

Banks urged to control property lending

PBoC urges lenders to prioritize loans to the manufacturing sector and rein loans offered to the property sector.

30 Jul 2019

Shenzhen forex regulators okay Qianhai reforms

Shenzhen pushes foreign exchange reform by broadening the scope of financing options for enterprises

30 Jul 2019

CBIRC mulls new rules on foreign investment in insurance

Revision of the regulations governing foreign insurance companies is a crucial, practical step that regulators must take to allow more foreign investment…

30 Jul 2019

Party committees hold ideological study sessions

While this study campaign may seem esoteric, it is co-opting time at all levels of the government – including all of the major financial regulators. Essentially, the campaign is an effort to…

29 Jul 2019

AIA opens Tianjin and Hebei operations

AIA has been approved to add two more operations to its current seven operations in Mainland China

26 Jul 2019

Qi Xinzheng under investigation for corruption

CCDI, CBIRC and Jiangsu Province’s anti-corruption agency announced that Qi Xinzheng, head of CBIRC Fujian office, was under investigation for “serious disciplinary violations”

26 Jul 2019

PBoC mulls enhanced oversight for financial holding companies

PBoC would classify non-financial firms with operations that encompass two or more financial industries as “financial holding companies” and would require them to seek licenses

25 Jul 2019

Beijing CBIRC strengthens supervision of commercial bill market

With the recent slowdown of the economy, the bills market has grown quickly – as businesses rely more and more on short-term bridge financing in the face of financial strains. Regulators are likely to …

23 Jul 2019

CBIRC issues new rules for ownership of unlisted banks

The new rules are an effort to increase transparency and improve overall equity management. They come after a nationwide inspection of rural credit cooperatives in April which exposed problems with …

23 Jul 2019

CBIRC ramps up offsite inspection for property insurers

These issues are a reminder that China’s insurance industry has long been plagued by questionable business practices…

20 Jul 2019

FSDC announces 11 financial opening measures

Top-level authorities continue to signal that financial opening measures will accelerate in the coming months. As we have noted previously, authorities see the current period of time as…

18 Jul 2019

China mulls scrapping QFII quotas

The scrapping of the quotas for these programs would represent an important symbolic step toward opening.

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