09 Jun 2019

CBIRC likely to allow insurance firms more latitude to invest in equities

This is in part to channel more money to companies in an effort to combat the economic slowdown. It is also part of larger efforts to reduce …

06 Jun 2019

Bank of Guizhou files IPO in Hong Kong

Baoshang Bank’s takeover by the government has put more pressure on city commercial banks to raise capital and increased concerns about credit risk for such banks. The success – or lack thereof – of the IPO…

06 Jun 2019

CBIRC assess solvency stats

This marks the first improvement in solvency ratios in three years, implying that the sector is finally turning around following the drive to …

05 Jun 2019

Shenzhen widens social credit system for businesses

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05 Jun 2019

CBIRC seeking opinions on new draft of insurance agency regulations

China has effectively frozen approvals for new insurance intermediaries since August 2018. These measures are likely to …

05 Jun 2019

Notice on further promoting the Facilitation of Capital Settlment of Insurance Companies

The new rules will allow insurance companies to exchange foreign currencies without approval for transactions of under …

03 Jun 2019

Credit Suisse names Tang Zhenyi new China CEO

Tang Zhenyi was previously the chairman of the Hong Kong brokerage company CLSA Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Securities. He left the company…

03 Jun 2019

Changes to monetary policy committee

Zou’s appointment is the second reshuffle of the committee since the beginning of April, when CSRC chairman…

03 Jun 2019

Ma Xingrui promises to push ahead with integration

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Guangdong officials are pulling out all the stops to make an integrated GBA a reality. As one of Beijing’s key initiatives at the moment, local government…

02 Jun 2019

CSRC Chairman gives interview on China’s capital markets

This interview, along with Yi’s previous comments, suggests to us that Yi has a strong mandate to push through capital market reform. The fact that Yi is so focused on this area…

31 May 2019

CBIRC approved increases in registered capital of six insurance companies

On May 31, the CBIRC approved an increase in registered capital of six insurance companies: …

30 May 2019

Nansha FTZ to open three new cross-border financial entities

The establishment of these three entities reflect Guangzhou’s desire to compete with Shenzhen in financial services and is a good example of how the GBA is …

30 May 2019

Orient Securities acquires Citi’s 33.3% share of Citi-Orient Securities

The episode is indicative of two current trends in the financial services sector in China. The first is that every major foreign player is looking to position itself to best…

29 May 2019

SAFE official urges caution on cross-border financial services

Sun’s comments have implications beyond offshore online financial services. They are a reminder that, while most high-level officials have clearly indicated their desire to push forward with financial sector opening…

29 May 2019

MoF cuts taxes for life insurers

The new policy should be a major boon to the bottom line of life insurers, who typically spend a lot on handling charges and commissions. The insurance industry has …

25 May 2019

GBA rolls out USD 20 billion to connect Guangzhou to Hong Kong

Physical connection and integration of the GBA is an important element for creating a unified market and financial ecosystem. Faster travel times to Guangzhou will help…

24 May 2019

PBoC operationalizes deposit insurance fund of RMB 10 billion

Regulators are going to great lengths to ensure that the ripple effects from the Baoshang Bank takeover are contained. Still, the fact that the episode gave regulators an impetus to…

24 May 2019

Baoshang Bank takeover dominates June

Regulators have been at pains to convince markets that the Baoshang case is a one-off development – driven in large part by the illegal actions of its…

24 May 2019

CBIRC released draft measures to allow insurance companies to communicate with policyholders via email

The new rules will make it easier for insurance companies to communicate with their policyholders. It will also advantage firms with …

24 May 2019

Pacific Life Re appoints new Greater China head

Chan Keng Hong was announced as Pacific Life Re’s new head of Greater China operations. While based in Singapore, Chan will be responsible for …

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