12 Oct 2019

Fintech partnerships come under tighter scrutiny in Beijing

While partnerships between Chinese financial institutions and tech companies are proliferating, regulators are still nervous about their…

11 Oct 2019

CSRC announces timeline for lifting foreign ownership restrictions for certain financial institutions

An accelerated timeline will make relevant reforms come into play sooner for foreign businesses. The timeline’s announcement is likely a gesture of proposed reconciliation in the US-China trade dispute.

11 Oct 2019

CBIRC clarifies administrative approval procedures

As we have noted previously, standardization of procedures is a key part of building compliance. The CBIRC is looking to clarify and codify the administrative…

11 Oct 2019

CBIRC targets former bank chiefs to deal with financial risk

These moves underscore the fact that the financial de-risking program continues to move forward. Holding individual executives accountable is an important element…

11 Oct 2019

CBIRC and PBoC release draft measures on wealth management subsidiaries and products

China’s wealth management sector continues to be in flux, as we have chronicled in monitors over the past several months. Regulators are looking to imbue more and more clarity into the sector…

11 Oct 2019

MSCI moves to add STAR Market stocks to indexes

Financial market opening is not a linear process.

11 Oct 2019

CSRC announces timeline for lifting foreign ownership restrictions for certain financial institutions

There is a clear consensus among policymakers that opening of the financial sector will help improve China’s markets and Chinese leadership has repeatedly promised to offer equal treatment to foreign firms. 

11 Oct 2019

China Zheshang Bank to debut on Shanghai Stock Exchange

China’s current IPO system requires companies to get approval from the CSRC before being eligible to list. However, China is phasing out the…

10 Oct 2019

MSCI moves to add STAR Market stocks to indexes

China’s equity market is being quickly embraced by foreign market actors, as opposed to its bond market, which has yet to earn the complete confidence of foreign investors.

10 Oct 2019

CBIRC aims to strengthen employee discipline

Business relationships in China often blur the line between personal and professional. The CBIRC’s drive to clarify what constitutes…

10 Oct 2019

CBIRC launches crackdown on malfeasance

Once again, compliance and oversight are near the top of the agenda for China’s financial regulators. Combatting malfeasance is viewed…

10 Oct 2019

CBIRC cracks down on aggressive credit card marketing towards vulnerable groups

These moves are in line with the broader regulatory trends to both protect consumer rights and to slow the growth of consumer debt. Foreign banks operating in China should ensure that their marketing practices…

09 Oct 2019

PBoC trials new measures for the protection of personal data

Recent concerns about consumer privacy and illegal data collection have spurred the PBoC to clearly define what constitutes…

08 Oct 2019

Mortgage reforms go into effect

Local authorities are already exercising their ability to set mortgage rates appropriate to local circumstances. Shanghai officials, for example, set initial LPR-lined mortgage rate floors at 4.65%…

07 Oct 2019

Chinese companies not in danger of being delisted in US, for now

Kudlow’s dismissal of Trump administration considerations to delist Chinese firms are at the very least a positive sign that financial markets could be largely spared by the US-China trade conflict.

07 Oct 2019

Yi Huiman calls for more direct financing

The recently beleaguered Chinese banking system would benefit from the increased financing proposed.

06 Oct 2019

Allianz buys Goldman’s Taikang stake

The move is a further investment on Allianz’s part into its China strategy.

04 Oct 2019

Former CSRC Chairman Liu Shiyu receives light punishment

Liu’s case is rare. Most officials probed for corruption are not only removed from their position and lose their Party membership…

30 Sep 2019

PayPal to enter China market through local acquisition

PayPal’s entry into China represents a major development for foreign payment firms, several of whom have been stuck in regulatory limbo despite the official removal of market access barriers two years ago. PayPal is now faced with the daunting task of …

30 Sep 2019

CBIRC vice chairman Wang Zhaoxing steps down

After the merger of the CBRC and CIRC in 2018, vice chairmen from both organizations were brought aboard the newly formed CBIRC from their previous posts. Given the surplus of …

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